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swissmom's 'verse

the musings of a busy stay at home mom.

8 August 1973
Ok, here it goes, born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. At 22 I decided I need to explore the world a bit more and came to Texas as a nanny. Had a great Family. During that year, I met a guy at a pub, playing darts. Well we are now married for 8yrs and have two cute (not being biased) kids, two cats, and one obnoxious puppy named Zoe.
Which brings me to one of my hobbies, which is the "Verse" that means Joss Whedon's Firefly. We really enjoyed watching it on TV and then it got cancelled. Well the fans did the impossible and got a movie made named Serenity. Yeah us.
Other hobbies I have, inlcude, knitting, (yes I do knit cunning hats), scrapbooking, cooking, working out, and of course my family.